Graphic Design

Go professional with consistent and memorable branding

If you run a small business, you’ll know it’s marketing that can often get pushed aside. Brand development and graphic design is key. Even basic elements such as fonts, colours and images are all important when trying to stand out from the pack. 

Some of my work


t-shirt design



brand development 101 - Business Cards, Letterheads etc.

Logos are essential, but equally important is their use! Ensure consistency with the ‘basic essentials’ of brand development. Business cards, letterheads and e-signatures for instance, give an added sense of professionalism. Offering branded merchandise such as t-shirts or stubby holders can also take your brand to the next level. 

Social Media Management

Firstly, having a website is a no-brainer, but secondly comes the need for active social media accounts. Timely updates are critical when managing your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Be relatable and current by posting about new products, new innovations and events regularly. A mix of media is also important; digital posters, images and short videos can really engage your online base, helping to raise your brand’s profile and in turn, get more followers and potential customers.

General Marketing Services

No time or people dedicated to marketing? 

I offer remote marketing services, which can include everything you see offered on this site. For an agreed weekly or monthly rate, I can update your website, edit images, create poster ads for social media etc etc. In other words, I can be an affordable replacement for the marketing department you lack. 

If you’re currently using a larger agency for these types of tasks, the advantage of going with me is that you’ll always be a priority.